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Throughout the health and beauty community, collagen is often associated with surgery, or drastic means to renew the skin. However, it is possible to take collagen as an additional dietary supplement, much as you would with vitamins or fibre. Proto-col collagen capsules are made from 100% hydrolyzed collagen, and are a natural and non-surgical alternative to aid in the renewal of skin, hair and nails.

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in mammals, and it is best known for creating strength and elasticity in skin. However, it is a major component of skeletal and connective tissue, and provides structural support throughout the body. After the age of around 25, collagen is no longer naturally produced, and the amount naturally present in 메이저놀이터 the body begins to fall. With this reduction, skin can become weaker and wrinkles appear, and joints can become stiffer and more painful. Whilst many use proto-col collagen capsules to renew their skin, they can also help to relieve conditions such as arthritis. Is has also been noted that collagen improves the strength and elasticity of hair, and improves brittle nails with fewer splits and breakages.

For those wishing to raise their production of collagen and improve their hair, skin and nails, proto-col collagen capsules are an easy and inexpensive way of achieving this. The supplement is advised to be taken daily before bed, as the body renews its resources most effectively during the night. One dose of three capsules daily is easy for most people to incorporate into their routine, and many find the supplement an excellent and natural alternative to invasive surgical procedures. The effects of collagen are well documented, and as a dietary supplement it has been welcomed by Hollywood A-listers such as Lucy Liu. Marie Claire and other magazines have praised its effects, and we are all familiar with the many television commercials advertising the benefits of collagen creams and gels.

Proto-col collagen capsules are 100% natural, and are therefore easily absorbed by the body with no known side effects. The protein used is known as ‘bovine collagen’ and is found in hide split, therefore it is not suitable for vegetarians. Results can be seen as quickly as one week after beginning to take the supplement, however others may find it takes longer to see a change. As the body needs to build up its reserves of collagen, it is advisable to continue taking the supplement for around three months to get the best results.

Many people support their daily diet with vitamin tablets, or with extra fibres or essential oils. Proto-col collagen capsules give an additional nutritional supplement that many may not have considered adding to their daily intake. The natural collagen has a three-strand triple helix structure which is made up of three major amino acids. Additionally, it incorporates 13 other amino acids, creating a complex natural protein. The renewal that collagen can instigate within the body is widespread, and the supplement is a natural choice for those wishing to improve their health, through revitalised skin to improved joints and muscles.

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