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The sea going forces which are originally built up for defence purposes are called The Royal navy. These forces are equipped with advanced ships, submarines, naval air craft as well as choppers and their personnel. The person who manages and leads the operations taken on ship, naval air craft, or any where related to navy is called a Royal navy officer. The colour of Royal navy officer’s uniform is usually white with a dark shade of blue. These officers have incomparable discipline and courage.

The career of a Royal Navy Officer is one of the most challenging and exciting careers. logistics company in the Philippines To become a Royal navy officer one needs nerves of steel, and fitness is a primary aspect and skills such as leadership and team work are also essential. The United Kingdom has one of the world’s oldest navy, and so they are known as the world’s senior royal navy. The officer’s of these forces are fit enough to handle any kind of situation and they can stay calm and concentrate for long periods of time and are known for thinking on their feet.

Qualifications for navy officer

To join royal navy the following minimum qualifications need to be met :

1) Two A levels grades

2) Three GCSE grades (A-C)

3) English language and math’s are compulsory subjects
(The alternative option may also be considered depending upon the countries education system)

If the candidates meet the minimum requirements then they must pass a recruitment/ assessment day, which involves an aptitude test, personal interview, gym test and a practical initiative test.


Training of the recruits differs depending on the type of officer that the individual wants to become. However, the majority of recruits are taken to combat-ready or active warships for 6 months. The students are also given specialised training for the batch they have chosen like royal marines, royal fleet auxiliary, on board officer, welfare officers and many more. Naval general training goes till 12 or more months on sea.

There is also professional specialised training for air traffic control, fighter control, and mine warfare officers. During this training students are taught how to use the latest gadgets, arms ammunitions and defence techniques. They are also taught to rescue people from difficult situations.


The overall aim of the Royal Navy and the Royal navy officers is to protect the country, monitor international waters, stop illegal trading of goods, terrorism, smuggling and they also help police is providing the information related to such crimes. They also protect marine ships, cargo ports and the country’s seashore. Navy officers also have to work on machines which detect climatic and weather changes. They play an active role in times of natural disaster such rescuing people during floods.

As the saying goes once a navy officer always a navy officer, and this saying often reflects the length of time that officer will serve and also shows how navy officers are proud to wear their uniform and fight for their country.

The hence royal navy officers earn lots of respect is the society. we can any time distinguish a navy officer from a normal man by his posture, his status in society his well being and many more abilities which are rare is others. Navy officers take great pride in the work they do feel and share the common belief that everyone within the Navy contributes and this is very important for the country.

There are also different types of royal navy officers and as a requirement to become one the officer must also specialise in a given area. For example as a Warfare officer, Air traffic controller, Engineer officer, Logistics officer, Training officer, Medical or Dental officer, Nursing officer or as a Chaplain.

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