Hayward Pro-Series Sand Filtering System: A Must Have For Your Pool

With summer nearing closer, you might have to consider your pool filtering sand options soon and this is where the Pro-Series Sand Filtering System from Hayward makes a grand entry. Agreed, Hayward is a tad pricey but not without reason. Employing the best and the most productive services when it comes to pool sand filtering, Sandfilteranlage Hayward aims to give you a completely satisfactory pool cleansing experience.

Efficient cleansing

Hayward, a giant in its own stead, commits to offer you nothing short of quality pool filter sand that are efficiently designed to keep your pool clean and cool with particles as small as 40 microns expertly fished out through its unique filtration technique. This internal sand filter technique makes the device suitable for almost all kinds of pools – big, small, indoors and outdoors. Customers have reported expert functioning in all pool shapes and sizes.

Intrinsic diffuser

This pool filter sand product employs an outstanding ovoid-shaped inbuilt diffuser at the top of the net that improvises overall efficiency. Moreover, the product is said to consist of seven filter processes – the filter, the drain, the circulatory, the winter, the collector, the backwash and the cleanse. These functions performed by the Pro-Series Sand Filtering device enhance the aesthetics of your pool further.

360 degree whirl component to self-cleanse

Another pro with this pool filter sand system is that it has the ability to self-cleanse. It is equipped with solid 360 degree rotary components that swirl and ensure that the water in the pool is drained back over and over again. This technicality requires the filter to stay operational only for a short span of time and in the meanwhile, saves the owner a lot of fuel and energy expenses.

Water proof fabric

The Hayward pool filter sand system makes use of durable water proof fabric that sustains liquid flow and pressure and thus, provides you a longer shelf life. The material used is also damage proof and weather resistant and adds no toxic substances to your pool.

Other advantages include the ergonomic nature of the product that makes it easy to assemble and install. The maintenance part is also very straightforward and can be carried out with minimal effort.

The only caution in the wind for pool owners is to ascertain if the water alkaline levels fall within the normal pH standards. The valve of the pool filter sand system is metallic and can easily get corroded and add to the impurities. Also, a minor concern is the fitting of the filter if the previous valves used weren’t of good quality. Sometimes, this can lead to disastrous consequences and so, it is highly recommended to consult an expert before you fit the pool filter sand product.

All these features make the Hayward Pro-Series Sand Filtering System a prerequisite for your pool.

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